Reliant 450 Powered Lift With Manual Base

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A high lift range and a low base make it easy to access beds, chairs, toilets, floors and tubs.

  • Adjustable low base
  • Built-in anti entrapment sensor stops the lift if it meets any resistance while lowering the patient.
  • All moving parts are covered to protect the patient against pinching.
  • Padded 6-point hook-up bar rotates 360° and is compatible with the latest chain-free slings, as well as those with chains or straps.
  • Includes two battery packs that can be removed for charging. This makes charging simpler and more practical and cuts down on downtime.
  • Low battery alert ensures safe and smooth transfers without interruptions.
  • Manual lowering mechanism allows the patient to be safely lowered in case of power failure.
Weight Capacity 450 lbs.
Minimum Height 24"
Floor Clearance 4.5"
Base Width adjustable 26.5" to 41"
Height at Maximum Lift 74"